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Watchmen strike back

October 23, 2008

It’s lunchtime so I’m keeping this short.  As if in response to my last post a new Watchmen trailer was released.  I must say it looks pretty badass and makes me rethink my opinion of its potential for success.  This also convinced me that i should go and reread the comic before the movie release.  I’ll probably wait a few months so that its still fresh in my mind when i go see the movie.

I’ll give you a hint at the topic for tomorrow…  Its the current talk of the town in the MMO community!


October 18, 2008

So i was surfing the internet while trying to think of a topic for this first post when i stumbled upon the trailer for Push. I’ve always liked the whole ordinary people with extraordinary powers concept.  I’m sure that now your thinking I’m some sort of heroes fanboy but actually its the opposite.  I caught the first couple episodes of the show but never really latched onto it for reasons i can’t explain.  However from reviews I’ve heard recently this season and the last don’t match up against the first one in quality, so I’m glad i subconciously avoided eventually being let down.

Push is slated to release on February 6th which gives it the opportunity to be the first great Sci-fi movie of 09.  Its main competition isn’t until May when X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Star Trek both premier.  However there is one other possible Sci-fi hit and that would come in March when hits theaters.

Now I’m pretty skeptical about this Watchmen cause I just don’t know if its got the backing and the appeal it needs to be considered a successful super hero film.  Now don’t you comic nerds get all flustered and in a frenzy about that last comment.  I realize that Watchmen was “the shit” when the series was released but lets be realistic, that was over 20 years ago.  Now maybe its just me or where i live or the people I communicate with but the comic scene isn’t what it used to be.  Based on this I refuse to believe that a huge Watchmen fan army is going to emerge from the shadows the day of its release.  In my opinion the success of this film hinges on the word of mouth and its advertising presence.

Now on the other side of this the Watchmen’s background gives it quite a distinct advantage over Push.  Whereas Watchmen will have a pre-constructed fan base, Push will be fresh and new to everyone.  I guess what it really comes down to is the trailers and the “Wow!” factor.  Because admit it, we all base our decision on whether or not we are gonna go see a film on what we think of the trailer.  I guess that is what it will come down to.  Can Watchmen draw enough people outside of their fanbase to leave its mark on the list of elite super hero movies.  Or will the new storyline/world/characters of Push have people shoving each other for the best seat in the house.  Haha… see what i did there? Push. Shoving….  No?  Not funny? Fair enough.

On that note lets call it a night