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Tis the season for ticket sales

December 25, 2008

The holidays are here!  The time for festive decorations, gift giving/receiving, family gatherings and just all around joyfulness.  But behind the piles of wrapping paper and empty boxes there is an annual battle that is waged for your gift money.  The box office battle!

There are a slew of films being released for Christmas.  With all the holiday celebrations in full swing what better way to spend time with your friends and relatives than sitting in a dark room with none of them speaking!  If you’re savvy enough perhaps you can even convince them to let you choose the film.  And oh the options you have, lets evaluate the pictures that are dropping tomorrow on Xmas day….

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:   IMDB

This film is an adaptation of a F. Scott Fitzgerald story from the 20s.  It chronicles the life of the main character, Benjamin Button, from birth to death.  The twist is that Benjamin is born at the end of his life and as he “grows” rather than get older he gets younger.  This is a confusing concept to explain without having seen the film but my understanding is that he is born the size of an infant but with elderly features and he then grows to adult size while slowly getting younger and then once he ages to the point of childhood his body begins to shrink again.  His condition is apparently just physical and therefore is born with no knowledge of the world as a normal child.  Based on that assumption he will also experience health problems typically associated with the elderly, such as Alzheimer’s, as he becomes a child.

This will be a good family movie if you can successfully explain the situation of the main character to your children.  Otherwise this could easily be an agonizing crying/nag filled two and a half hours.

The Wrestler:   IMDB

I was excited about this film as soon as I saw the first commercial.  I really like Mickey Rourke and am excited to see him return as Marv in Sin City 2, however that doesn’t release until 2010 and that will place it 5 years from the last time he was in decent films, Sin City 1 and Domino.  The story focuses on Rourke’s character, a washed up wrestler trying to squeak out the last few drops from his long dead career.  An injury forces him to finally retire and he decides it is time to focus on living his life.  It shows him trying to get in touch with his estranged daughter while maintaining his newly formed relationship with a stripper named Cassidy (Marisa Tomei).  There is a burgeoning whisper of Oscar buzz for Rourke’s role as Randy “The Ram” Robinson.

This has the possibility to be a feel good film about a “lost” man rebuilding his family but without knowing the ending Its truly hard to say.  It’s just the type of film that could take a turn for the worse near the end and finish as a heartbreaking tear jerker.  Its R rating puts it above any families that have children.

Valkyrie:   IMDB

Tom Cruise. Good actor. Crazy person.  This film, which is based on a true story, looks incredible.  It tells the tale of a group of high level German officers and their plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler in an attempt to end World War II.  Bill Nighy, Sean of the Dead and Pirates of the Carrbbean, plays another German general and Eddie Izzard also plays a part, which almost guarantees some laughs in what otherwise seems to be a very serious and “edge or your seat” film.

Its PG-13 rating and serious tone makes it least compatible to go with that warm festive feeling everyone will be high on.  And it is far from a family film.

The Spirit:   IMDB

Frank Miller has taken this story from comic strips in 1940s newspapers and added his signature art style to it.  The main character, Denny Colt/The Spirit, is played by Gabriel Macht.  Who is that you ask?  I have no idea.  But the real big name in this film is Samuel L. Jackson who plays the big bad guy, The Octopus.  The story goes as follows…  Denny Colt is a rookie cop who dies and is brought back as The Spirit.  He then strives to bring The Octopus to justice and halt his plan to wipe out the entirety of Central City.  A cast of lovely ladies, such as Scarlett Johansson, play various women that The Spirit confronts while on his hunt for The Octopus.

Violenece, sexual content and brief nudity make this another reason to leave the kids home with grandma while the other adult family members head to the theatre.

Bedtime Stories:   IMDB

Not your average Adam Sandler movie.  Skeeter Bronson (Sandler) tells bedtime stories to his niece and nephew and the children add in their own special twists to the stories.  The catch is that all the parts that the kids add to the stories end up coming to fruitition in the everday life of Skeeter.

Obviously geared towards an audience dominated by kids/families and therefore will probably be the top movie this holiday.  Don’t fear though, Sandler’s inclusion in the project practically insures that there will be humor to appeal to older viewers as well.

So there it is, those are your choices.  I mean, yeah i guess you could see a movie that came out sometime in the last week or so and that they still have showtimes for.  Well whether you decide to see one of these films tomorrow or not I’d definitely recommend seeing them sometime in the future (maybe not neceassarily Bedtime Stories, but the rest should be winners).

Have a happy a safe holidays everyone!


ps.  I intended to have a comic to go with this post but got so busy with holiday stuff that I never finished it.  I’ll try and get it up this weekend if I have time.

Bored Husband

December 23, 2008

This probably isn’t true but its funny anyways…     I can definitely see myself doing some of these things.


ps. This video of birds is pretty sweet too!

SC 2

December 21, 2008

This game just keeps lookin better and better!  Here is a little sample battle that Blizzard posted on the official site.  The battle is between Terrans and Protoss on one of the new map….  Just go watch it.

Straight to the video —->  Battle Report


Spike’s V. G. Ehs?

December 21, 2008


So the Video Game Awards were last Sunday and like past years it was mostly filled with “meh”.  The show is still filled to the brim with shameless sponsorship of Mountain Dew.  I mean seriously “Fueled by Dew”?  That phrase causes nothing but mild amusement at the incompetence of the many people that had to go through and still managed to make it on national television.

They still play on the fact that video games are for guys only, which we all know to be untrue.  As usual their are scantaly clad women scattered randomly around the set.  Don’t get me wrong, I love bikini clad ladies but I refuse to believe that any of those poor silver drenched women survived past the closing credits.

Their musical acts and guest appearances are questionable at best.  While I greatly enjoyed the change of host from Mr. Jackson to Jables the rest of the “big names” were mostly irrelevant.  I understand Tony Hawk, the hilarious Neil Patrick Harris and even the Transformers hottie Megan Fox. But the 4 or 5 random attractive women.  Kim Kardashian?  Who the hell is that?  Honestly, I had to look it up.  The music acts were quite varied, which I guess is good cause everyone was bound to enjoy atleast one.

However, without a doubt, the fact that they don’t even care enough to show more than a handful of awards.  Most of the awards are shown in a quick 1 minute mash-up.  What kind of respect does that show the industry when you spend more time pandering to sponsors, “dudes” and your producers.  Not to mention those kindergarden art class projects you gave away as the awards.  If I got one I wouldn’t want that ugly thing on my mantle with any of my other awards.

The recipients of some of the awards weren’t necessarily the nominees I thought most deserved them but I won’t go into all that.

This year was definitely an improvement on previous years but there is still a ways to go before the V.G.A.s become a legitimate and respectable award show.  I’ll, of course, tune in next year to see if Spike has learned any lessons.  Lets hope they have.

Alright gang, I’m off to bed.


A Very Guildy Christmas

December 16, 2008

The Guild has released its Christmas mini-episode.  If your a gamer and haven’t heard of The Guild then come out of your cave.  Don’t worry the light won’t burn….  that much.  But seriously, if you haven’t heard of them then you need to.  Its web sitcom about a group of guildies and their lives in and out of the game.  Episodes average out to around 5 or so minutes and are pretty hilarious.  Their first season was funded completely by fan donations and they’re now a couple episodes into their second season and have garnered so   The link at the beginning of this post will take you to their website and This will lead you to all of their videos from Episode 1 Season 1 to the most current release.

Comic later…..  Stay tuned.


The Blue Beast

December 14, 2008

The new computer has arrived!!!  It’s a giant monster of a thing and emits a beautiful blue glow that fills the area around my desk with a pleasant ambiance.   I got my new rig through Cyberpower Inc..  Many thanks to them!  I’ll post the specs later as I’m still in the process of reorganizing my desk around the new center piece!

Finally I will be able to get the comics and posts on a regular schedule.  Catch ya in a bit.


ps.  downloaded Steam and the first thing I saw was I-Fluid.  I think it looks pretty good and will probably be the first thing I download on here.  I’ll probably grab it in a day or two and I’ll let ya know what I think.

Everyone has an inbox

December 4, 2008

Had the opportunity to jump on here real quick and thought I’d post this hilarious image that I stumbled upon….

New computer is supposed to ship out tomorrow so hopefully it will arrive within the next few days.  Once I get that I’ll be able to put more time and effort into this blog/comic.