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I came across this puzzle game courtesy of Patrick Beja through Twitter.  It is a pretty neat little game and had me addicted to it almost instantly.  The game is Auditorium and it is a product of a Philadelphia based agency known as Cipher Prime.  The final version isn’t completed yet but the demo is available for play.

Here’s how it works…..

The player uses different command nodes, such as directionals (up, down, left, right) and special ones (attract, repel, deflect, etc.), to direct their “flow”.  The flow is a series of white lines that stream from a certain starting point in each stage.  It is your job to direct the flow into the audio containers in the stage.  The trick is getting your flow to travel through all the containers at the same time.  As the flow passes through each container it slowly fills it and once it reaches its capacity the container adds its piece of audio to the stage’s soundtrack.

As the game progresses the stages become more complicated by adding more containers and different command nodes as well as adding “color spheres” and other obstacles.  When the flow passes through the color sphere it changes to the corresponding color, which then allows the flow to activate and fill the audio containers that match that color.

The images while very simplistic are truly stunning.  The palette is composed mostly of bright vibrant colors, which are displayed mainly through the flow, which leap out at you off the black background.  The organic movements of the flow really give it a life like quality.   The flow is the “main character” of this game and the color and fluidity in its movements don’t let you forget it.

If you enjoy the visuals then the audio is gonna blow you away.  Unless you don’t play, they key is you make the music by playing the levels.  Each part of the symphony relies on you leading the flow through each audio container.

The game starts out easy but quickly becomes challenging and has the potential to keep you stumped for hours.  I personally breezed through the early stages but by the end of the demo was easily spending 20 or so minutes on each stage.  I’ve gone back and played the demo all the way through two or three times now so it definitely gets easier the more time you spend with it.

Its in beta now but hopefully the full game will be released soon.  There are rumors that final game content will include user level creation and custom soundtracks.  An i-phone version is also rumored to be in the works.




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