I-Fluid caught my eye and few weeks ago and I narrowly avoided purchasing on the spot.  But when I was puruesing Steam during their post holiday sale and I saw them offering it for only 4.99 I just couldn’t pass it up.  So far I’ve made it to level 5 but every time I try to start the stage the game fails and I have to CtrlAltDel it.  I hope to figure out what the issue is and fix it so that i can complete the game. (Once I do you can expect a review)  Lets hope that the rest of the game can provide the same addictive platforming/puzzle solving action that the first 4 levels have!

Oh….. and if anyone wants to play a little Left 4 Dead with me I’d love some competent allies.  I’ve come across a few decent players through the random match-ups, but most have been idiots.  My gamer tag is Artsoldier1 so feel free to hit me up!



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