Got loose change? Have a laptop!


Could you imagine if you could purchase a laptop using the change you empty out of the pockets of your jeans on laundry day?  Well that dream might not be far from becoming reality.  A few days ago India announced that as a part of the One Laptop Per Child program.  The laptop was developed by a team of organizations and is being priced around 10-20 U.S. dollars.  It has 2GB onboard memory and is able to connect to wireless internet.  It was designed specifically to be consume a low amount of power.

Hopefully this product is effective and is able to reach its full potential.  If it is successful then its only a matter of time until these little machines make their way to our shores.  I’d love to be able to get one of these things.  Who wouldn’t purchase a 10 dollar laptop!?  Enough memory for some word documents, a few tunes and internet access anywhere there is a wireless signal!  I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t have one.  For christ’s sake… for 10 bucks it could be treated as a disposable laptop, haha.




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