Sessler Smackdown


Adam Sessler don’t take no guff!  Everyone hates the trolls, flamers and jackasses that seems to populate every forum, bulletin board, comment section, etc. known to man.  Sessler is the host of G4‘s game review show, X-Play, so he gets loads of emails and comments from pissed off viewers in response to his various reviews and recommendations.  We’ll he is sick of their negative attitudes and just all around abysmal outlook on everything.  He recently gave a review of Killzone 2 which you can.. see……  HERE! Apparently the comment section for this video devolved into an all out slug fest for fanboys to just lay into Adam.  There are lots of claims by the comment posters of G4 being biased to certain platforms/companies and Sessler strikes back to refute those claims….

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I personally don’t watch X-Play or anything else on G4 so I can’t add an opinion to this debate.  the only reason I’m even commenting on this situation is because I know everyone that broadcasts their opinions online to the public has to deal with these creatures of pure pessimism.  I appreciate the way Sessler responded to the opposition and I think that if everyone started taking this kind of approach when dealing with these people it might help to quell the never ending tide of trolls.

Of course, not everyone the responded to that review was negative, because a majority of the internet is mentally stable.  Intelligent debate is always welcome and criticism is a necessary facet of every organization because it helps to improve and better the people, segments, features, etc. that are related to that subject.  It helps bolster creativity, change and evolution by incorporating the differing views and ideals of the content producers with those of their audience.  I encourage you to be vocal in the comments section of where ever your web surfing takes you, but keep the conversation relevant and civilized.

Everyone isn’t always going to get along but thats just a fact of life.  I hope some of the “troll” type posters take something away from this and change their ways. (Can’t blame me for dreaming! :oD )  At the least this provided us all with a good laugh.



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