OMG Killzone 2: The Total Experience


So I had the pleasure of spending an entire day with Killzone 2 in it’s enormity. My friend, who is much richer and thusly better geared than I, allowed me use of his HDTV and mind bursting (surround) sound system. And it was good.

The game started out in a fast paced blur of sound and some of the prettiest goddamn graphics I’ve seen to date. I feel like I am on drugs because:

A) I have no idea what is going on.

B) I am mesmerized by every little facet of media that is being fed into my senses.

Now, I have never played the first KZ and I can tell you that does NOT matter. The presentation and game play are what speaks here.

Controls: Tight if not unimaginative. The ability to use your surroundings is very well done and very satisfying once you get the hang of it. So is running up to an unsuspecting Helghast and butting them to death with you gun.

Sounds and graphics: Something I’ve already covered. Fucking amazing.

Story and characters: Not really sure whats going on and I don’t give a shit about the characters(but I’d bet you’d be surprised to hear they are all military hard ass types). All I want to do is play the game.

Multiplayer: Took a page out of Call of Duty 4’s book in having to unlock different aspects for use in multiplayer. It’s a great idea adding longevity to the game even after you’ve beaten single player mode. There are several game types to choose from. Most of which are the standard for multiplayer FPS’s. Still very fun and very seamless. I experience no lag and beating people to death with the butt of your gun is still satisfying.

If you own a PS3 you should really buy this game. It’s fun, it looks great, and the multiplayer will not let you down.

Cigarettes dont kill. Zones do.

Cigarettes don't kill. Zones do.


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