Wolverine Doing What He Does.


Despite the disappointment other Marvel games have given us in recent years I remain hopeful that this game will be, at the very least, decent. Judging, from what I’ve read, people actually care about the game and the character rather than just pumping out the next movie to game money maker.

This game is violent, as is should be, and the developers understand that. Wolverine KILLS people. And he has more than 6 ways to do it. In game there is a pseudo RPG element to the game in which you add point or stats to two particular styles of fighting for Wolverine. You can choose to be more temporal and tactful giving you more options to “do away with” your foes. Or you can give into the beast and berserk your way through enemy lines in a gore storm of entrails and gleaming adamantium. Oh, and any damage received is shown on Wolverine and will slowly and visibly regenerate.

I’m nearly sold. Lets just hope this turns out well.

~Josh the Awesome!


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