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Cat Shit One… Seriously.

March 25, 2009

I dare you to make sense of this. Let it be known that you will probably be unable to understand the language they are speaking as it is foreign.

~Josh the Awesome!


Update: Transformers 3!

March 24, 2009

Looks like people excited for Transformers 3 in 2011 will be eating ice cream in their pajamas while tears stream down their soft, precious cheeks tonight.

Bay posted on his official site that was a mistake! I guess giant robot movies can really take it out of you or whatever.


~Josh the Awesome!

Be a Champion!

March 24, 2009

So I’m really pumped about Champions Online. Absurdly so. I even started drawing up what my hero would look like… About halfway through I realized I was drawing the stupidest thing ever and proceeded to start over and create a second stupidest thing ever.

Sigh. Just watch the videos already.

~Josh the Awesome!

What’s In the Box?

March 20, 2009

A cool Half Life inspired video from these guys…

Very well done… Catch it while you can. Supposedly they will be deleting it soon. However their site may suggest that something more will come of this.

~Josh the Awesome!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2!

March 19, 2009

Check it!.

Not a lot of information has been posted on their website, but I am rightly pumped. It has a cool design too(scroll left and right!).

In addition we have more information on a new character: Songbird.


~Josh the Awesome!

You know, these guys.

You know, these guys.

HD Tetris

March 15, 2009

I don’t feel sorry for anybody who plays THIS game for 3 hours. You are stupid…

… enjoy.

But seriously, try completing a single line without losing your fucking mind.

Arkham Asylum

March 12, 2009

Yes, please.



Madworld: Ultra-violence IS an Art.

March 12, 2009

So I popped  in Madworld for the Wii yesterday and MY HEAD EXPLODED.

Instantly I was thrown into a world with no rules and LOTS of blood. PARKING lots. The game is done in the guise of a graphic novel. Everything is in black and white save blood, onomatopoeia’s, and yellow challenge gongs. It’s like Sin City on crack Crack City. But really though the styles are very similar. Regardless of the unabashed homage it is a very enjoyable and very satisfying game.

The entire gimmick of the game is to kill people in the most outlandish ways possible. In fact you get points for it. Once you wrack up a certain amount of points extra things unlock in the level from extra weapons to the Bloodbath Challenge(unique to each level) eventually leading up to the boss fight.

Outlandish? Yes! I took a sign post and pushed it through somebodies neck, grabbed a barrel and stuffed them in it, picked him up and headbutted him a couple of times, then I slammed his nearly dead mass onto a meat hook… several times. His friends? Well they were lucky and I just chainsawed them in half with the handy dandy chainsaw that pops out of my robotic fist.

Very novel though. I can see how it would not appeal to some people. But it’s definitely not a game that takes itself seriously. It makes fantastic use of the Wii controller set with motion commands and everything. It’s very reminiscent of No More Heroes in that sense(which I also loved). And just like No More Heroes the bosses have very odd designs and the fights are extremely brutal.

The sound tracks are decent and fit the mood(the mood being kill everything) very well. It doesn’t get redundant or annoying. The voice acting is decent.

The story and premise is also fairly interesting though obviously not the focus of the game.

Surprisingly the replay value is through the roof. It will take me a long while to get tired of the game.

This is an all around very enjoyable game. Just be careful of head explosions

Definitley M for Mature.

Definitley M for Mature.

~Josh the Awesome!

RE: My big sister will get you.

March 12, 2009

While on the subject I just wanted to add the AMAZING teaser site for Bioshock 2.


~Josh the Awesome!

Wolverine Doing What He Does.

March 11, 2009

Despite the disappointment other Marvel games have given us in recent years I remain hopeful that this game will be, at the very least, decent. Judging, from what I’ve read, people actually care about the game and the character rather than just pumping out the next movie to game money maker.

This game is violent, as is should be, and the developers understand that. Wolverine KILLS people. And he has more than 6 ways to do it. In game there is a pseudo RPG element to the game in which you add point or stats to two particular styles of fighting for Wolverine. You can choose to be more temporal and tactful giving you more options to “do away with” your foes. Or you can give into the beast and berserk your way through enemy lines in a gore storm of entrails and gleaming adamantium. Oh, and any damage received is shown on Wolverine and will slowly and visibly regenerate.

I’m nearly sold. Lets just hope this turns out well.

~Josh the Awesome!