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MLS Champs!!

November 27, 2008

I know what your thinking… “Ugh another entry about soccer!? I don’t care about soccer, just get to some talk about games or movies or anything I actually give a damn about.”  Well first of all you should care about soccer for many reasons I won’t go into at this moment and secondly I promise that I’ll try to make this the last post about soccer.  (At least til next season, heh)  Let the soccer speak continue….  After the jump.  And if your gonna read it, prepare yourself, its a long one. (more…)

Black and Gold Fever

November 12, 2008

Just a quick message to all soccer fans in Ohio the midwest.  Come to my fair city (Columbus, OH) tomorrow evening and get a ticket to the Crew game! They are playing the Chicago Fire in the Eastern Conference Final/MLS Cup Semifinal.  Its slated to be one of the most exciting and well played matches of this MLS season.  Kickoff is at 7:30 but feel free to join myself and the rest of the Hudson Street Hooligans at Ruby Tuesday for pregame partying!

I hope to see you there as we cheer on the Crew to victory and their first appearance in the MLS Cup final!!!  See you in the Nordecke!



ps. I’m an idiot.  I said I would be picking up Wrath thursday night after the soccer game but it comes out tonight so.  I’m glad i caught that otherwise I’d be the moron standing outside the Gamestop alone tomorrow at midnight wondering where everyone is and why they aren’t open.  So I’ll see all you fellow WoW players tonight!

Laptop FTL

November 12, 2008

So I attempted atleast four separate times over the course of a couple days to write an explanation for my absence but the reason for that absence continues to plague me.  The cord for my laptop has almost completely died.  I can get it to work if i screw with it for 30 min or so but after that any movement or interaction with the cord causes the computer to immediately turn off.  So anyways that’s the deal.  I’m writing this post from a computer at my father’s house.  Hopefully I’ll be getting a brand new desktop within the next few weeks.  This laptop issue struck at the worst possible moment.  I had the first comic ready to post and the next few following that.  Unfortunately those are now essentially obsolete considering that their subject matter is 3 or so weeks old.  I’m debating on posting them anyways, but right now I’m focusing on catching up and keeping up while working through the lack of computer.

Obviously the big news in the game community is the release of Wrath of the Lich King in just over twenty four hours.  I will be attending the midnight release at the Gamestop in Graceland (after i attend the Eastern Conference Final between the MASSIVE Columbus Crew and Shitcago) to pick up my copy.  I unfortunately am slated to work Thursday, Friday and the whole weekend, but I’m gonna try to get enough play time to give a decent review of the release version of the game.  Having played the beta I know generally what to expect but I did manage to keep my questing to a very small amount and so I’m pleased that the experience will still be mainly new for me.  I’m out for now, hopefully I’ll see some of you in Northrend!


ps. I’m a huge soccer fan.  So while this blog is mainly intended to provide thoughts, opinions and reviews of video games, movies, comics, etc. (aka nerd things) you may also occasionally catch me sticking in a post about my beloved Columbus Crew or my second love West Ham United.