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March 17, 2009

Apple wants so desperately to be percieved as better than Microsoft and then they go and pull shit like this…

The new iPod Shuffle is controlled soley by the headset.  I special little touch pad is attached to the headset chord and requires the user to push a series of three buttons for different lengths of time and different combinations to issue certain commands.  The new shuffle offers no other means of control so it will be necessary for third party headphones to include this pain in the ass interface.  However Apple doesn’t have any intentions of letting the manufacturers to have this technology for free.  Apple has stated that they intend to charge a lisencing fee to anyone who wants to build some of these.


Apple, you so desperately want to be perceived as a better company than Microsoft and then you go a pull shit like this!?  /sigh



March 8, 2009

Twitter is a social networking site that provides users with the ability to post short, 140 character updates on the most recent happenings in their life.  You can post from the web, your iPhone, via text, etc.  And lately it seems that everyone is jumping on the Twitter bandwagon…

From celebrities such as Levar Burton, Jimmy Fallon and Britney Spears to businesses such as Dog House Systems, Jinx and Apple .  With growth comes the demand for more functionality and so far Twitter has let the addon community handle that.  Sites like Twitpic, Twitbacks and Twhirl help you to better customize and control your Tweets.  However if Twitter continues to grow the way it has been it will be necessary to further develop the functionality in-house.  Its this thinking that prompted Jacob Gube over at Six Revisions to write this article about possible features that Twitter could add to help spruce itself up….

10 Features that will make Twitter better

Its an interesting read and the upgrades Gube suggests aren’t too advanced that they would be difficult to implement.  I’m excited to see how Twitter progresses in the future and it will be exciting to see how many of Gube’s suggestions become reality!

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