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The future of comics

April 2, 2009

There is a great discussion going on over at The Daily Cartoonist. Just check the comments section of the article detailing the upcoming AAEC Convention (The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists).

The future of the editorial cartoon is a very shaky one. It looks inevitable that newspapers will go the way of the Dodo and therefore the comics that reside within them will also perish.


Marvel versus DC

March 18, 2009

Check out this hilarious video featuring the action figure versions of Wolverine and Dr. Manhattan.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “”, posted with vodpod

The creator, ItsJustSomeRandomGuy, has an entire series posted on youtube. They are all pretty funny, I especially enjoyed the one with Wolverine, Rorschach and Sabertooth.



February 6, 2009


I LOVED the first game… And by the looks of things this one will be twice as good. I mean, it has 2 in the title.

2 x 1 = 2 which is twice the amount of 1. Just plain logic, folks.

But seriously. Each character is supposed to have unique team attacks and combos with each other. Plus the game looks real pretty.

Not too sure on the whole Civil War angle, but whatever. I’m pretty pumped.

Watchmen strike back

October 23, 2008

It’s lunchtime so I’m keeping this short.  As if in response to my last post a new Watchmen trailer was released.  I must say it looks pretty badass and makes me rethink my opinion of its potential for success.  This also convinced me that i should go and reread the comic before the movie release.  I’ll probably wait a few months so that its still fresh in my mind when i go see the movie.

I’ll give you a hint at the topic for tomorrow…  Its the current talk of the town in the MMO community!