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Black and Gold Fever

November 12, 2008

Just a quick message to all soccer fans in Ohio the midwest.  Come to my fair city (Columbus, OH) tomorrow evening and get a ticket to the Crew game! They are playing the Chicago Fire in the Eastern Conference Final/MLS Cup Semifinal.  Its slated to be one of the most exciting and well played matches of this MLS season.  Kickoff is at 7:30 but feel free to join myself and the rest of the Hudson Street Hooligans at Ruby Tuesday for pregame partying!

I hope to see you there as we cheer on the Crew to victory and their first appearance in the MLS Cup final!!!  See you in the Nordecke!



ps. I’m an idiot.  I said I would be picking up Wrath thursday night after the soccer game but it comes out tonight so.  I’m glad i caught that otherwise I’d be the moron standing outside the Gamestop alone tomorrow at midnight wondering where everyone is and why they aren’t open.  So I’ll see all you fellow WoW players tonight!