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Mirror’s Edge 2D

February 24, 2009

The Mirror’s Edge 2D Beta has come….and gone.  The official site where you can play the game has been down for quite a while now due to the popularity and eventual server giving way.    But do not fear, you can get your hands on the new levels and time trials in no time, or so i hope…


*Update:  So the server is back up and the game is once again playable for all of you parkour fans out there.  Faith goes to extremes to get challengly placed bags and evidence in the three levels.  The only enemy contact i encountered was a machine gunner in one of the buildings (which had to be entered through the top of the building through a broken skylight) but other than that it’s a smooth sailing game in a world all by your lonesome.  If you haven’t given this short, fast-paced game a try, it’s worth a peek and a quick play through.